About Me

I discovered the internet in 2006 and from there my interest in coding became a thrilling challenge to understand and utilise. I often find myself looking for new discoveries in the never ending world of cyber space.

It was my interest in family history that ventured me onto the net. Without that interest I probably would have fallen by the technological wayside, however, I decided to plunge further into the unknown by enrolling in a web technologies class. Out of a full classroom I was one of three people who gained the certificate that year. Broadening my abilities also meant that I became an accredited Genealogist who can help others with their family history.

With my new technical skills I set about assisting those around to use Email and Facebook. I went a step further and decided to offer my services to people in the local area. I've discovered that a complete novice can be an assertive internet and email user in just four lessons. Over the years I have learnt that all html problems have a solution and every solution is a learning curve.

I see entrepreneurs setting out on their own, exploring the areas of paid email and hosting plans, settling on a 'free' platform that charges for both email and a domain name. Hard working young people who lack the technical skills to set up a professional website and business email who live and breathe their work with little time for the complex world of coding.

My goal is to assist entrepreneurs to get online and set them up with a website and business email followed by free online marketing. I have learnt tricks to keep costs to a minimum, and my love of using free platforms has taught me the easy way to get yourself out there and still look professional. 

The only ongoing cost is the price of a domain name.
"I see the internet as a place to have fun and to share information. If you are looking for something new simply find yourself a fun top level domain extension and enjoy the net! Who says you must have a .com or domain name and email!"