Cyber Walks for Seniors

There are two methods of tutoring, one is in the group environment and the other is one-on-one. I prefer private in-house visits which benefit both the tutor and the student. I understands how to relate to an individual who is new to modern technology and can assist the student in creating a comfortable learning environment in which a positive experience with computers can be created.

Our society is divided into those who can communicate electronically and those who can not. Don’t be left behind. Learn how to use the computer and learn how to make your computer work for you. Four lessons should have you off and running.

Computer Anxiety
Computer anxiety can directly affect the learning process. Anxiety usually occurs when something new is being learned. 

Adults learning to use computers often fear the:
  • unpredictability of computers
  • public exposure of ignorance
  • threat of failure
Lessons will begin with laying the groundwork for basic program operation and it will never be assumed that all students will have basic computer skills. 

"Now I do not fear computers... I fear the lack of them" - Isaac Asimov